Professional Kung Fu Feminist Poet…

The march of progress has been at times disjointed, but today I write poetry and practice Chinese Martial Arts, take photos and play with film. I have been teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu for the last twenty-four years, and I now teach Creative Writing too. My background is in song writing and singing, keeping horses, ceramics and a BA in Contemporary Arts, and then more recently an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa. Last but not least I have three amazing sons who keep me very busy.

The Blood House is my first collection of poetry that is due to be published in Nov. 2014 by Hesterglock Press, seven of the poems have been published elsewhere and one of them has been use as the soundtrack on a film. It has taken me two years to complete this chap book and you could say I have cut my teeth on it. I am so excited to be publishing these poems, for those who buy the little book I hope you enjoy them.

I have completed a lot of projects and worked with some wonderful people in the last year. I am aiming to gradually make a record of this work and have a lot of new work in the pipeline, so please feel free to visit now and then.


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