sarer scotthorne poetry

London Launch

Now this was something else again; the launch was at The Brick Lane Bookshop. Really stylish and the lads who worked there were really helpful, there was wine aplenty. Headlining was Linda Mannhiem, Gary Budden, Lucy Furlong, Myriam San Marco, Rose Drew, myself and Paul read from his evolving Place/Waste/Dissent manuscript.

There were lots of Influx Press writers, some of whom I had seen reading at the Stoke Newington Literature Festival last year. I was very excited and tried not to feel intimidated, though everyone was very encouraging and supportive. Rose Drew stripped off to her leggings, lots of fun. I did my first stint at comparing which went well, and for me (this is my take on the evening lol) the highlight was when Linda Mannheim bought a copy of The Blood House. I was so chuffed!

I really like the poetry scene in London, it has an experimental resonance. I felt endorsed and those writers are seriously accomplished. London is a really fun place to read.x

There is a lot of film to edit; images will follow (I have been really busy preparing a PhD proposal!)

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